Qualified Survivor – Miscellaneous Old Plan

Active Member – Miscellaneous Old Plan

(members hired prior to November 2, 1976)

  A Qualified Survivor is:
1. Eligible Spouse/Domestic Partner: A member’s spouse/domestic partner to whom the member was married/domestic partnership on the date of his/her death, and to whom the member was married for at least one full year immediately prior to the member’s death (SFERS recognizes domestic partnerships that have been established by filing a Declaration of Domestic Partnership with the San Francisco County Clerk, domestic partnerships registered with the State of California or other California jurisdictions, as well as domestic partnerships or similar legal relationships formed and recognized in other jurisdictions); or
2. Unmarried Child: while under age 18

If a member dies while an active employee after he/she is qualified for a service retirement and designated his/her spouse or domestic partner as beneficiary, the Retirement System will pay a monthly continuation allowance to a qualified survivor equal to 50% of service retirement to which you would have been entitled if you had retired on the date of your death.

If total continuation benefits paid are less than the lump sum account balance plus 6 months compensation earnable, any difference is paid in priority order to remarried spouse/domestic partner, surviving children or your estate.

If a member dies while an active employee and is not qualified for service retirement or, did not designate his/her spouse or domestic partner as beneficiary, the Retirement System will pay a lump sum distribution of your contributions and interest, plus 6 months compensation earnable to your designated beneficiary or beneficiaries, or your estate.


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