Disability Retirement Benefits

― Ordinary Disability Retirement Benefit
A miscellaneous member who becomes unable to perform his/her job duties because of illness or injury of extended and uncertain duration and who has 10 or more years of credited service may be eligible to apply for an ordinary disability retirement benefit

The maximum disability retirement benefit you can receive as a member in the Miscellaneous Plan is 75% of your final compensation.

If a disability retirement is granted, your benefit is paid on the last day of each month for the remainder of your lifetime and the lifetime of your qualified survivor (see “Qualified Survivor” for a definition of qualified survivor).

Refer to your Summary of Key Plan Provisions for additional details on Disability Retirement Benefits for miscellaneous members.

File for Disability Retirement

If you are considering a disability retirement from the City and County of San Francisco, follow the steps below:

Meet  the qualifications for ordinary disability retirement: you are unable to perform your job duties due to an injury or illness of extended and uncertain duration and you have 10 or more years of credited service

— Schedule a counseling appointment: log in to mySFERS secure member portal to schedule an appointment using our online Retirement Appointment Scheduler.

— Meet with a Retirement Counselor: initiate the disability retirement application process. Counseling appointments are conducted by phone and can last up to two hours, so please plan accordingly

— Gather the following materials for the counseling appointment:
•  Picture ID
•  Marriage certificate
•  Spouse’s or Eligible Domestic Partner’s Date of Birth and Social Security Number
•  Unmarried child or children (under 18) Date of Birth and Social Security Number

Your effective retirement date cannot be earlier than the first day of the month in which you file a disability retirement application with SFERS

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