Disability Retirement Benefits – Miscellaneous Members

Disability Retirement Benefit

Under the SFERS pension plan, a member who becomes incapacitated for performance of job duties because of a disability may be eligible to apply for a disability retirement benefit. Disability retirement benefits are calculated using a formula based on Years of Service Credit, Final Compensation and Disability Factor of 1.8%.

Ordinary Disability Retirement Benefit
A miscellaneous employee who sustains a disability (illness or injury of extended and uncertain duration), and who has 10 or more years of service credit, may be eligible to apply for an ordinary disability retirement benefit.

As a member in a miscellaneous plan, the maximum disability retirement benefit payable is 75% of final compensation. If a disability retirement is granted, benefits are payable on the last day of each month.

Filing for Disability Retirement
If you are considering a disability retirement from the City and County of San Francisco, you are required to complete the following steps:

Schedule a counseling appointment. Access our online Retirement Appointment Scheduler via mySFERS secure member portal. Counseling sessions are reserved for members who have already met the service requirement for disability retirement and can last up to two hours, so please plan accordingly.

Meet with a Retirement Counselor before filing a disability retirement application

Bring the following materials to the counseling appointment:

• Picture ID
• Marriage certificate
• Spouse’s or Eligible Domestic Partner’s Date of Birth and Social Security Number
• Unmarried child or children (under 18) Date of Birth and Social Security Number
• Medical records which support that you are disabled

Your effective retirement date cannot be earlier than the first day of the month in which you file a disability retirement application with SFERS.


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