Qualified Survivor Old Plan

Retired Miscellaneous Member – Old Plan
(members hired before November 2, 1976)


Eligible Spouse/Domestic Partner: your spouse/domestic partner who was your spouse/domestic partner on the date of your death, and who was your spouse/domestic partner continuously for at least one full year immediately prior to your death (SFERS recognizes domestic partnerships that have been established by filing a Declaration of Domestic Partnership with the San Francisco County Clerk, domestic partnerships registered with the State of California or other California jurisdictions, as well as domestic partnerships or similar legal relationships formed and recognized in other jurisdictions); or


Unmarried child under age 18

Upon your death:

  • SFERS will pay a monthly continuation allowance to a qualified survivor equal to 50% of the unmodified retirement benefit you were receiving on the date of your death.
  • SFERS will also pay a lump sum benefit to your designated beneficiary equal to $100 for each year of service credit up to a maximum of $3,000.



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