Survivor Benefits

Continuation Allowance

If a safety member (police or fire) dies while retired, SFERS will pay a continuation allowance to a qualified survivor. The type and amount of the survivor benefit is primarily dependent upon:

  1. the member’s Plan (old or new);
  2. the member’s cause of death (work-related or non-work-related);
  3. the member’s membership status at date of death (active or retired); and
  4. the status of the member’s survivor at date of death (qualified survivor and/or designated beneficiary).

A Qualified Survivor is:

 Eligible spouse/domestic partner; or
 Unmarried child under age 18; or
 Dependent child/parent(s)

Select the appropriate link for a detailed description of “Qualified Survivor” and Survivor Benefits: Safety Old Plan or Safety New Plans.

If you do not have a qualified survivor, then a lump sum benefit will be paid to your named beneficiary or beneficiaries.

Lump Sum Benefit

SFERS will pay a lump sum benefit to your designated beneficiary equal to $100 for each year of service credit up to a maximum of $3,000.

A Beneficiary is:

Someone named by the member to receive a lump sum benefit upon the member’s death.  A beneficiary may be a person or persons, a trust, or an estate.  If a member does not have a qualified survivor and does not designate a beneficiary, a lump sum benefit will be paid to the member’s estate.

If you require additional information about survivor benefits, please contact the Retirement System.

  • Social Security Administration
  • Health Service System
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  • CALpers