2021 SFERS “Ready to Retire” Webinar Schedule

SFERS Webinar Series!
It’s never too late or too early to plan for retirement!

Our six-part webinar series is designed to assist in your decision-making process as you prepare for retirement. Ultimately, our goal is to help you achieve your financial goals for retirement.

  1. Path to Retirement: What it means to be “Retirement Ready”
  2. Ready to Retire – 5 Years from Retirement: Steps and strategies to help you prepare for retirement
  3. Ready to Retire – 1 Year from Retirement: Planning to retire and resources to enhance your pension
  4. Ready to Retire – The Retirement Application: Preparing for your retirement counseling appointment
  5. Ready to Retire – After Retirement: Your final benefit and what happens after retirement
  6. The SFDCP: Voluntary contributions to complement your SFERS pension  

The webinars are conducted via MS Teams. You can download our MS Teams Resource Guide to help you prepare for the webinar. We offer one webinar each week over six weeks from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, as well as two stand-alone sessions for members planning to retire by June 30th. You may attend one or all six sessions. There is no fee to attend the webinars. Space is limited and attendance is on a first-come, first served basis. Click here to reserve your space.

Working today for a secure tomorrow. Discover the benefits of SFERS!

Session I:
Path to Retirement
Session II:
Ready to Retire –
5 Yrs from Retirement
Session III:
Ready to Retire –
1 Yr from Retirement
Session IV:
Ready to Retire –
The Retirement Application
Session V:
Ready to Retire
 –  After Retirement
Session VI:
   Spring Series
2/3/2021 2/10/2021 2/17/2021 2/24/2021 3/3/2021 3/10/2021
   Retirement App
   Retirement App
4/21/2021 *5/5/2021
   Summer Series
5/12/2021 5/19/2021 5/26/2021 6/2/2021 6/9/2021
   Fall Series
9/1/2021 9/8/2021 9/15/2021 9/22/2021 9/29/2021 10/6/2021
   Winter Series
11/10/2021 11/17/2021 11/24/2021 12/1/2021 12/8/2021 12/15/2021

*Also available as part of the 2021 Summer Series

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