How Do I…

 …Apply for service retirement?

To elect to retire from employment with the City and County of San Francisco, you must meet with a Retirement Counselor to complete the retirement application process. The counseling session must take place at least three months prior to your desired retirement date. Counseling appointments last approximately one hour, so please plan accordingly. You will need to bring the following materials to the counseling appointment:

  • Picture ID
  • Marriage certificate
  • Spouse’s or Eligible Domestic Partner’s Date of Birth and SSN
  • Unmarried child or children (under 18) Date of Birth and SSN

You can schedule a counseling appointment through our online Retirement Appointment Scheduler.  Counseling appointments to discuss service retirement are reserved for members who are qualified for service retirement or who will qualify for service retirement within 12 months. Your effective retirement date must fall within the month in which you file your retirement application with SFERS. Refer to the “Summary of Plan Provisions” for your membership group for additional information on service retirement benefits.

…File for disability retirement?

If you are considering a disability retirement, you are required to meet with a Retirement Counselor before filing a disability retirement application.   You can schedule a counseling appointment through our online Retirement Appointment Scheduler.

…Elect a vesting allowance?

If you terminate employment with CCSF with five or more years of service credit, and you are not eligible for service retirement as of your termination date, you may be eligible to elect Vesting. The vesting allowance is first payable at age 50 (age 53 for members in Plan A8.603).  You can schedule an appointment through our online Retirement Appointment Scheduler to meet with a Retirement Counselor in order to make a vesting election with the Retirement System.

…Elect reciprocity?

If you believe you qualify for reciprocity under SFERS (see Summary of Plan Provisions for reciprocity eligibility criteria), you will need to visit the Retirement System office to make a reciprocity election.  An appointment is not required to make an election for reciprocity.

…Request an estimate of my Retirement Benefit?

For an unofficial estimate of your benefit, log into mySFERS to access the Benefit Modeling Calculator (see “Introducing mySFERS” on the Home page for registration instructions). To request an official estimate of your retirement benefit, you will need to complete and submit to SFERS, a Request for Estimate Form.    SFERS will provide a benefit estimate only for members who are eligible for service retirement or vesting retirement within one year from the date of your request.

…Voluntarily purchase service credit?

Members who have a buyback opportunity identified on their Annual SFERS Member Statement (see “Buyback Opportunities” section) may contact SFERS’ Member Services to discuss the options for purchasing service credit under that buyback opportunity. To initiate a purchase agreement with SFERS for a buyback opportunity, you can make an appointment through our online Buyback Appointment Scheduler.

…Obtain my account balance?

You can access individual account information including the balance of contributions in your SFERS account, by registering for mySFERS,  Member-Only Portal. You may also request the balance of contributions in your SFERS account by contacting the Retirement System in writing, or by visiting our office at: 1145 Market Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94103. We require a picture ID for all business conducted in our office.

… Update beneficiary information?

To designate a beneficiary, or update beneficiary information, you can download a SFERS Designation of Beneficiary Form. The completed form must be notarized if submitted to our office by mail, or the form can be submitted to our office in person. If submitted in person, we require a picture ID (e.g. Driver’s License) and the complete names and addresses of the person(s) you wish to designate as your beneficiary. An appointment is not required to update beneficiary information.

… Notify SFERS of a member’s death?

To notify SFERS of a member’s death, please contact SFERS’ Member Services at (415) 487-7034 for retired member death, or (415) 487-7061 for active member death 

… Change my address?

Active members are required to contact Human Resources or the Payroll Officer in their department to update address information. Retired members can request a change of their home address by completing and submitting to SFERS a Change of Address Form.

… Create an automatic deposit?

Retired members or their beneficiaries may have monthly retirement allowances directly deposited into their bank account by electing an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). To sign up for EFT, complete and return to SFERS an EFT Form.

… Verify my pension benefit?

You may request a verification of pension income either in writing or by visiting the SFERS office (you will need to bring a picture ID). In order to protect the privacy of our members, we do not provide pension information to third parties (such as a mortgage company or financial institution), and we do not accept requests by fax, e-mail or telephone.

… Change tax withholding for my pension?

You can change tax withholding from your monthly pension benefit by completing and submitting to SFERS a Tax Withholding Form.

…Report a missing check/deposit?

If you do not receive your monthly benefit check by the 10th day of the month following the issue date (e.g. August 10th if it is your July 31st check), you can contact the Retirement System in writing (1145 Market Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103) or by phone (415-487-7000) and request a Lost Warrant Affidavit Form to report the check lost or stolen.

… Request a duplicate 1099R?

If you do not receive your 1099R Form by the end of January, you may view, download and print a copy of your annual 1099R tax form using mySFERS, Member-Only Portal. You can also contact the Retirement System by phone, or in writing to request a duplicate form.


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