Introduction to mySFERS


The San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System is pleased to offer all members, 24/7 access to individual account information, online statements and forms, and for active members, two benefit modeling calculators.

Get Started
You have two ways to securely access mySFERS:

  • the SFERS website; and
  • “MyApps” via the City’s Employee Gateway

Both access points allow you to log in to mySFERS using your unique City-issued DSW number and your network password.

Log In
From the SFERS website Home page, click on “Access mySFERS”. You will be directed to the SF Employee Gateway log-in page. Or, from the SF Employee Gateway, click on “MyApps Portal”. You will be directed to the SF Employee Gateway log-in page.

On the SF Gateway login page, enter your DSW number and your network password in the fields provided, then click on “Agree & Sign in”. If you don’t have, or don’t remember your DSW number, select First time registration for Retirees, City College or SFUSD at the bottom of the log-in box and follow the instructions as prompted.

After you enter your login credentials and click on “Agree & Sign in”, you will receive a secure code by text (or email if you chose “email” as your preferred communication method). Enter that code in the field labeled Secure Code, then click on “Verify”. You will be directed to the MyApps screen.

From the MyApps screen, click on the “mySFERS” button. If you see the following message:

“We are unable to find an account matching the DSW number and password you entered. Please make sure you have entered this information correctly. If you are new to SFERS, it may take up to 30 days to set up your account. Please try logging in again after 30 days.”

It means we do not have an account for you. If you are new to SFERS, please allow 30 days after your membership/enrollment date to log in. If you believe you have received this message in error, contact for assistance.

Enter a Valid Email Address and Cell Phone Number
If this is your first time logging in to mySFERS, enter your email address and cell phone number in the fields as indicated. We strongly recommend using a unique, personal email address; an email address that is not shared with another member such as a spouse. Although providing your cell phone number is optional, we strongly encourage you to provide it as an added level of security, as well as an additional means to contact you. Your email address and cell phone number are used for communication purposes only.

If you are a returning user, review and if desired, edit the email and/or cell phone number displayed, which are the email/cell phone number associated with your account.

Know Your Rights and Restrictions
Protecting our members is our highest priority. Click on the link to read and acknowledge the SFERS Disclaimer and Privacy Statement. These disclosures provide information about your rights and restrictions as a member of mySFERS. Check the box confirming you agree with the SFERS Disclaimer and Privacy Statement. This step is required to access mySFERS.

Complete the Log in Process
Click on “Confirm” at the bottom of the information box to complete the log in process. That’s it! You are now logged in to your mySFERS account. Welcome to mySFERS!

If you experience problems during the log in process or after you are logged into mySFERS, contact for assistance.

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