Retirement Board

The Retirement System and its members benefit greatly from the leadership of an experienced and knowledgeable Retirement Board.  Within the scope of its fiduciary duties, the Board establishes and follows policies governing the administration, management, and operation of the City’s retirement plans; manages the investment of the Retirement System’s assets; approves disability benefit determinations; and approves actuarial assumptions used to fund long-term benefit promises of the SFERS Pension Plan. The Retirement Board meets on the second Wednesday of each month.

The Retirement Board is composed of seven members: three members elected by the active and retired members of SFERS; three members appointed by the Mayor in accordance with §12.100 the San Francisco City Charter; and one member of the Board of Supervisors appointed by the President.

no-photo President
Brian Stansbury
Sergeant, Police Department
City and County of San Francisco
Elected Member
Term Expires: 02/20/2020
Wendy_Paskin-Jordan Vice President
Wendy Paskin-Jordan
Chief Executive Officer
Paskin Capital Advisors, LLC
Appointed Member
Term Expires: 02/20/2019
Leona Bridges SFMTA Board of Directors | March 2, 2011 Leona Bridges
Former Managing Director
Barclay’s Global Investors
Appointed Member
Term Expires: 02/20/2023
Croce Alexander (“Al”) Casciato
Elected Member
Term Expires: 02/20/2022
Carmen Chu
City and County of San Francisco
Appointed Member
Term Expires: 02/20/2019
Malia Cohen Malia Cohen
Member, Board of Supervisors
Ex-Officio Member
Term Expires: 01/20/2018
Joseph Driscoll Joseph Driscoll
Captain, Fire Department
City and County of San Francisco
Elected Member
Term Expires: 02/20/2021



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