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Ready to Retire

Congratulations! Retirement is just around the corner. Here are the steps to take to help you prepare for the big day.

Step #1: Calculate an Estimate of your Benefit

SFERS provides calculators to help you estimate your SFERS retirement benefit. You can access the SFERS benefit calculators 24/7 via mySFERS. Log in to mySFERS secure member portal and select the “Benefit Calculators” tab to estimate your service retirement or vesting benefit.

Step #2: Attend SFERS “Ready to Retire-The Retirement Application” Webinar

Join us for a comprehensive “walk through” of the retirement application process including choosing your retirement date, estimating your final benefit, choosing a benefit payment option, taxes, lump-sum vacation payout to the SFDCP, and applying for retiree healthcare, Social Security benefits, and Medicare. Register for the webinar here

Step #3: Schedule a Retirement Counseling Appointment

Counseling sessions are reserved for members who are qualified to retire for service or apply for disability and are ready to complete the retirement application (refer to your Summary of Key Plan Provisions to determine qualifications for retirement).

To schedule your appointment, log in to mySFERS secure member portal and select the “Appointment Scheduler” tab. We suggest that you visit the appointment scheduler up to three months before your desired retirement date to schedule your appointment.

Step #4: Gather the appropriate credentials for the counseling appointment

Step #5: Meet with a Retirement Counselor

On the day of your appointment, a Retirement Counselor will assist you in completing your retirement application. Counseling sessions are conducted by phone and can last up to two hours, so please plan accordingly. You can discuss the following types of benefits during your session:

Your effective retirement date cannot be earlier than the first day of the month in which you file a retirement application with SFERS.

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