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Retirement Services

The San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System dedicates extensive resources to serving its members and their beneficiaries. The Retirement Services Division is the system’s operations hub providing a wide range of services and support including new member enrollment, member counseling, recordkeeping, education and communication, accounting and tax reporting, as well as calculation of pension and death benefits.

The table below summarizes major activities of the SFERS Retirement Services Division during Plan Year 2021-2022

Retirement Estimate Requests1,390
Retirement Appointments Scheduled2,613
Retirement Appointments Attended2,134
Service Purchase Appointments Scheduled585
New Members (New Hires)2,010
New Members (1040 Hours Membership)925
Police Recruits278
Fire Recruits75
Sheriff Recruits & Miscellaneous Safety64
Pre-Retirement Seminars10
Registered Attendees at Pre-Retirement Seminars785