Retirement Appointment Scheduler


Welcome to the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System (SFERS)
Retirement Counseling Appointment Scheduler

SFERS provides Retirement counseling appointments for SFERS members who are, or soon will be, eligible for retirement according to the eligibility requirements defined by the Charter Section to which the member belongs.

In order to retire, you will need to speak to one of our Member Services counselors. A counseling appointment for the following types of retirement can be made with this appointment scheduler:

  • Service
  • Vesting
  • Industrial Disability
  • Ordinary Disability

To determine if you are eligible for one of the above types of retirement, please see the Summary Plan Provision (SPP) for the Charter Section to which you are a member. The SPP can be found by clicking on the Resources link at the top of this page, then Member Communications, and finally,Summary Plan Provisions.

In the SPP, the eligibility rules are described under Plan Provision for each retirement type (e.g. Service Retirement). You will need Adobe Reader to open the SPP. Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free from

Click the link below to proceed to the Retirement Counseling Appointment Scheduler. After you have scheduled your appointment AND if you have special needs, please call SFERS at 415-487-7000 for assistance.

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