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2021 Annual Member Statements are Available Online!

Published: August 16, 2021

Annual Member Statements for Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2021 are now available online via mySFERS secure member portal. Log in to mySFERS to view, download or print your statement. Not registered? Register for mySFERS by clicking “Register Here” at the top of the Log In box located on the Home Page. Registration is secure and simple.

Statements are also being mailed to your home address on record with SFERS as of June 30, 2021. Duplicate statements may be requested from the SFERS office starting on September 7, 2021, only from members who did not receive a copy in the mail and who are unable to access mySFERS. Contact us at [email protected] after September 7, 2021 should you need to request a duplicate statement.