Deferred Compensation

The San Francisco Deferred Compensation Plan (SFDCP)

The Retirement System offers active members an opportunity to acquire additional retirement savings intended to supplement pension benefits with voluntary contributions to a Deferred Compensation 457(b) Plan. Adopted in 1979, the San Francisco Deferred Compensation Plan is administered by a third party administrator (Prudential Retiremendeferred-compensation-committee-buckett), and is managed by the SFERS Deferred Compensation Plan Manager who continuously monitors the Plan for enhancement opportunities that will benefit our members as they save for retirement.

The SFDCP allows CCSF employees to voluntarily invest a portion of their pre-tax regular earnings in a diverse selection of 13 core investment funds, including 9 Target Date Funds and access to a self-directed brokerage option. The Plan also offers Roth after-tax contributions. SFERS members interested in participating in the SFDCP are encouraged to visit the SFDCP website for information on enrollment (click on the link above).

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