Retirement Benefits

SFERS offers three types of retirement benefits for safety members:

  • Voluntary Service Retirement
  • Industrial Disability Retirement
  • Ordinary Disability Retirement

Service Retirement Benefit

Under the SFERS pension plan, you can retire for service once you reach the qualifying age and years of credited service required under your plan.

When you retire for service, your monthly benefit is calculated using a formula based on your age at retirement, your years of credited service (accumulated time for periods during which you made contributions to plan), and your final compensation (your highest average pay). See Summary of Key Plan Provisions for service retirement formula.

Your retirement benefit is paid to you on the last day of each month for the remainder of your lifetime and the lifetime of your qualified survivor (see “Survivor Benefits” for a definition of qualified survivor).

Qualifying Age and Years of Credited Service – Old Plans

  at least age 50 with 25 or more years of service credit


Qualifying Age and Years of Credited Service – New Plans

  at least age 50 with 5 or more years of service credit

The maximum retirement benefit payable as a member in the Safety Plans is 90% of Final Compensation.

Members of SFERS safety plans employed as police officers or firefighters do not accrue Social Security benefits for service as safety employees

Estimate your Benefits

You have two ways to get an estimate of your benefit:

Online Benefits Modeler – 24/7 access to the online benefit modeler via mySFERS secure member portal.

Prepared Benefits Estimate – for members currently qualified to retire for service or will qualify within 12 months. Download, complete and submit a Request for Estimate Form (allow six (6) to eight (8) weeks to receive your estimate).

Apply for Service Retirement

When you are ready to retire for service with the City and County of San Francisco, follow the steps below:

Qualify for service retirement: achieve the qualifying age and years of credited service

Schedule a counseling appointment: log in to mySFERS secure member portal to access our online Retirement Appointment Scheduler. Counseling sessions are reserved for members who are qualified for service retirement. Sessions can last up to two hours (up to three hours for group sessions), so please plan accordingly.

Meet with a Retirement Counselor to complete the retirement application process. Schedule your counseling session to take place within six months of your desired retirement date.

Bring the following materials to the counseling appointment:

• Picture ID
• Original Certified Marriage/Domestic Partnership Certificate
• Spouse’s or Domestic Partner’s Date of Birth and Social Security Number
• Unmarried child or children (under 18) Date of Birth and Social Security Number

Your effective retirement date cannot be earlier than the first day of the month in which you file a retirement application with SFERS

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