As a member in the SFERS Sheriff Plan, the base contribution rate is set at 9.0% of covered pay (excluding overtime and premium pay first paid by the City after January 7, 2012).

As a result of contribution cost-sharing provisions established under Proposition C of November 2011, the member contribution rate will be adjusted once a year effective each July 1 based on:

  1. the City’s required contribution amount each fiscal year
  2. the member’s hourly base rate of pay at each June 30 each year

Contribution Rates for SFERS Sheriffs Plan Members, Effective July 1, 2018:

Base Rate of Pay at June 30, 2018*:
Less than $56.8073 per hour or its equivalent At or above $56.8073 per hour or its equivalent
Member Plan
Adjusted Member
Contribution Rate
Adjusted Member
Contribution Rate
Sheriff Plan – A8.608



Your member contribution rate may be adjusted in the range of +4.0% to -4.0%  Your member contribution rate may be adjusted in the range of +5.0% to -5.0% 

* The hourly base rate of pay used to determine your contribution rate for FY 2018-19 is the rate referenced on your paycheck (or advice notice) dated July 24, 2018. Your contribution rate will not change during the fiscal year, even if your rate of pay changes during the fiscal year. If you have a question about your hourly base rate of pay, please contact your department personnel officer.

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