Retired Member FAQ

Q: How can I find out who I designated as beneficiary on my SFERS account?

A: If it has been some time since you designated a beneficiary on your SFERS account, and you are not sure who is currently designated as beneficiary, we recommend you designate a new beneficiary on your SFERS account. You may download the Designation of Beneficiary Form from our website and mail the completed and notarized form to SFERS, or you can bring the completed form to our office in person.

Q: Will I get a COLA every year that I am retired?

A: Generally yes. Retired members may receive a Basic COLA—an automatic adjustment to your monthly retirement allowance—effective July 1st of each year and payable to eligible members on the check dated July 31st. You may find additional information about COLA provisions here.

Q: Why did the amount of my monthly benefit change?

A: There may be several reasons why your monthly benefit amount would have changed. If the change occurred to your July 31st allowance, you may have received a Basic COLA. If the change occurred to your February 28th (or 29th) allowance, you may have received a Supplemental COLA (click here for information about COLA provisions). Adjustments to tax withholding or deductions for health premiums may also affect the amount of your monthly allowance. To verify any changes to your monthly benefit, contact the Retirement System at 415-487-7000.

Q: My father was receiving a SFERS pension when he died, who do I notify of his passing?

A: To notify SFERS of a member’s death, you can contact us at 415-487-7041.

Q: Do my health benefits cover me and my spouse?

A: Your entitlement to health benefits is administered under the City’s Health Services System (HSS). You can contact HSS at 415-554-1750.

Q: Do you mail pension checks outside the US?

A: Yes, but members must allow for delays and SFERS cannot guarantee prompt delivery of your check.

Q: How do I change my address?
A:  If you are a retired member, log in to mySFERS secure member portal.  On the Dashboard page, scroll to “Member’s Address” and select the “Change Address” link.  If you are an Attorney in Fact or Conservator for a retired member, download, complete and submit a Change of Address Form.

Q: When do you make the monthly pension payments?

A: Pension payments are always issued on the last day of each month. The check covers the period from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.

Q: For how long will I receive my pension?

A: Your pension will be paid to you throughout your lifetime.

Q: Can I work while I am retired without affecting my SFERS benefit?

A: Yes. Once you have retired from the City you can work for any employer other than the City with limited restrictions. If you return to work for the City, you are limited to working no more than 960 hours in any fiscal year without affecting your pension benefit. Certain employment restrictions apply to disability retirees. For additional information about “work after retirement” provisions, refer to your Summary of Plan Provisions.

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