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Miscellaneous Contributions

Contribution Rates for SFERS Miscellaneous Plan Members, Effective July 1, 2022. The base pay rate is as of June 30, 2022.

Contribution Rates by Pay & Plan

Member PlanBase RateAdjusted RateAdjusted Rate
At or above $31.7963 per hour or its equivalent, but less than $63.5932 per hour or its equivalentAt or above $63.5932 per hour or its equivalent
New Plan Tier III – A8.6037.5%10%10.5%
New Plan Tier II – A8.6007.5%10%10.5%
New Plan Tier I – A8.5877.5%10%10.5%
(Your member contribution rate may be adjusted in the range of +4.0% to -4.0 of the base rate)(Your member contribution rate may be adjusted in the range of +5.0% to -5.0 of the base rate)

The hourly base rate of pay used to determine your contribution rate for FY 2022-23 is the rate referenced on your paycheck dated July 18, 2022. Your contribution rate will not change during the fiscal year, even if your rate of pay changes during the fiscal year. If you have a question about your hourly base rate of pay, please contact your department’s Personnel Officer.

Contributions to the pension plan are for the sole purpose of retirement. You cannot borrow money from your SFERS pension account under any circumstance. Funds may be withdrawn only after you separate from employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

SFERS credits service to you as it is purchased.  The service you are purchasing will be reflected on your Annual Member Statement once the purchase is complete. 
Most City employees who held a temporary position (not members of SFERS during the period of temporary appointment) prior to July 2, 1991, were not eligible for FICA coverage.  Prior to July 2, 1991, most City employees became eligible for FICA upon becoming a member of SFERS.  Since July 2, 1991, most City employees are covered under FICA regardless of whether they are SFERS members or not.  You may contact the City’s Payroll and Personnel Services Department’s Tax Unit (within the Controller’s Office) to verify your FICA earnings/contributions for any period of City employment that does not appear on your Social Security Statement.
Typically, you will receive your refund within eight (8) weeks from the latter of 1) your termination date, 2) the date of receipt of your last check, or 3) your refund request date.