Ready to Retire


Congratulations! Retirement is just around the corner. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the big day.

Tip #1: Get an estimate of your SFERS benefit.

Calculate an estimate of your benefit based on your desired retirement date and projected salary. Log in to mySFERS secure member portal and select the “Benefit Calculator” tab. The SFERS benefit calculators are accessible 24/7.

Tip #2: Attend a “Ready to Retire” Webinar

In these webinars, you will learn about…

  • Steps to Prepare for Retirement
  • The Retirement Application Process
  • Taxes
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Benefit Payment Options
  • SFDCP Payout Options
  • Your Final Benefit

Enroll in a “Ready to Retire” Seminar

Tip #3: Schedule a Counseling Appointment

Once you are eligible and ready to retire, speak to a Retirement Counselor to complete the retirement application process. Schedule your counseling session to take place within six months of your desired retirement date. Log in to mySFERS secure member portal and schedule an appointment using the online Retirement Appointment Scheduler to discuss the following types of benefits:

  • Service Retirement
    (for members who according to credited service and age, are qualified for service retirement)
  • Disability Retirement
    (for members incapacitated due to illness or injury)
  • Vesting Allowance
    (for members separated from City employment with contributions on account and age eligible) 

     — Gather the following materials for your counseling appointment:

• Valid Picture ID or Passport
• Original Certified Marriage Certificate/Domestic Partnership
• Original Certified Birth Certificate of Spouse/Domestic Partner or Designated Beneficiary
• Social Security Number and Date of Birth of Spouse/Domestic Partner
• Social Security Number and Date of Birth of Unmarried Child(ren) under 18

 Your effective retirement date cannot be earlier than the first day of the month in which you file your retirement application with SFERS.

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